Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

What’s New in the Latest Version 2.8.0

2.8.0 by KRAFTON, Inc.

Exclusive version of PUBG Mobile for India

Battlegrounds Mobile India, formerly known as PUBG Mobile India, is an adaptation of this popular battle royale aimed exclusively at the Indian audience, which attempts to offer an experience that is faithful to that of the original, but with some changes to accommodate this specific market. As is typical of the genre, up to 100 players will be able to parachute over a huge map full of weapons and vehicles, with the objective of eliminating the rest of the participants. Only then, after becoming the last survivor, will you see the words that everyone wants to read at the end of a game: “Winner winner chicken dinner!”.

BGMI’s default controls will be familiar to anyone who has ever played a third-person action game on touch devices. With your left thumb you can control the movement of your character and with the right thumb you can move the camera and aim the gun. Scattered around the screen you will find the rest of the buttons, with which you can jump, crouch, change weapons, reload, open the inventory, get in and out of vehicles, or search the bodies of enemies. Of course, from the options menu you will be able to configure and customize the controls as you wish. It is possible to change the sensitivity of the camera, the layout and size of the buttons, and even the type of controls you want for the vehicles.

Although it is something that many players overlook, spending a few minutes on the Battlegrounds Mobile India configuration options can be very helpful. Within the graphics options menu, for example, you can adjust the overall visual quality of the game. Doing this is very important. There is no point in choosing the maximum quality by default, with shadows and Vsync, if the game then offers a very poor frame rate per second, which will certainly have a negative impact on the gaming experience. The best option is to find the graphics quality that best suits your own Android device. A smooth and seamless gaming experience can be the difference between victory and defeat, so it is worth paying attention to this factor. Similarly, there are various graphical filters that, while only altering the game aesthetically, can improve or reduce performance.

The quantity and quality of the game modes is something that, since its first versions, has been improving with each update in all titles of the PUBG Mobile range. And BGMI is no exception. The classic battle royale for up to 100 players, which you can play either solo or in teams, has been joined by a multitude of deathmatch game modes, which will allow you to enjoy faster, more frenetic games, with much more action and more shooting. The same goes for maps. Long gone are the days when there were only two settings to choose from. Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar, Livik, Sanhok, Karakin, Nusa… with each new update new maps, new events, new exclusive game modes are added. The action doesn’t stop.

Each of the different maps offers a different experience from the others, but they all have something in common: weapons and vehicles. The variety of weapons you can find in Battlegrounds Mobile India is absolutely overwhelming. At your disposal you will have all kinds of pistols, revolvers, machetes, shotguns, machine guns and sniper rifles. And best of all, you can customize each weapon. Within the games you will be able to apply different parts, such as telescopic sights, buttstocks, extended magazines, and much more. And outside the games you will be able to unlock special skins for each of the weapons in the game. Thanks to all this, the variety of weapons is practically unlimited.

Speaking of skins, BGMI offers more than a hundred different skins, which you can collect and add to your collection permanently. As has become a tradition in battle royale games and, in general, in all games that offer season passes, every month you can get exclusive skins to customize the look of your in-game avatar. Many of these skins, in addition, arise from collaborations with movies, series or other video games, so they will allow you to “dress up” your avatar with the appearance of some other famous or recognizable character.

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India and enjoy one of the best battle royale experiences you can have on Android devices. An outstanding title that also manages to improve and add interesting content with each new update, with more game modes, bigger maps, and new skins. Another resounding success for Krafton, which is gradually consolidating its position as one of the best video game companies in the world.


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