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CM Revanth Reddy Claims 2 Lakhs Farmer Loan Waiver

Telangana : Our Party Leader Rahul Gandhi Has Promised A Loan Waiver Of Upto Rs2Lakh, Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy.The Cabinet Has Decided To Implement This Waiver Accordingly And It Will Be Done Simultaneously, We Stated During A Press Conference Following The Cabinet Meeting On Friday

Sonia Gandhi Fulfilled Her Promise Regarding Telangana, And On May 6, 2022, Rahul Gandhi Committed To A Rs 2 Lakh Loan Waiver In The Warangal Farmer’s Declaration. The previous Government Waived Loans Worth Rs 28,000 Crore Over 10 Years

The Chief Minister Revanth Reddy And Deputy Chief Minister Bhatti Vikramarkalu Started Reviews Of The Finance Department Immediately After Assuming Power And Got To Know The Actual Economic Situation Of The State. Before The BRS Government Assumed Power, What Were The Economic Conditions In The United Andhra Pradesh, After BRS Assumed Power, The Government Decided To Release A White Paper On Revenue Expenditure During The Ten – Year Administration.

On Monday, CM Revanth Reddy And Other Ministers Conducted A Review Of The Agriculture Department. After That, The CM Ordered The Officers To Immediately Transfer The Crop Investment Assistance Paise Into The Accounts Of The Formers. As Stated In The Farmer’s Declaration Announced In The Warangal ‘Raitu Sangharshan’ Meeting Earlier, The Farmers Were Ordered To Prepare Activities For Simultaneous Loan Waiver Of Two Lakhs.

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