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”Former Indian player Gautam gambhir has been selected by BCCI as the head coach of team India,

Gautam Gambhir has been selected as the new coach for India. Until recently, Rahul Dravid was the coach of the Indian team in the T20 World Cup, but with the end of the T20 World Cup, BCCI appointed a new coach for India. Dravid announced his retirement as a coach and named Gautam Gambhir as the new Indian team, but till now Gambhir was the coach of Lucknow Super Giants in the last year of the IPL as the coach of KL Rahul captaincy. Team Kolkata Knight Riders was coached but Gambhir was previously KKR of this team but due to some reasons he was made the coach of(LSG) Lucknow Super Giants last year and now he was coached of team KKR this year but this year all he got was gold. As it happened, KKR entered the final after winning every single match and beat our home team sunrisers hyderabad team in the final and received the title in the final.

But now there is a lot of news since Gambhir has been selected as the coach. Virat Kohli fans are opposing Gautam Gambhir as the head coach. There have been arguments between Viri and Viri since long. At that time, there were news that Gautham and Kohli had hugged each other in this year’s IPL, and with this, there were reports that the differences had ended and the future of Kohli under the leadership of Gambhir’s head coach Sarathi became a hot topic. He has also given two World Cups during his tenure. He is only 42 years old. He is lucky to be selected at such a young age. It is not a common thing to be the head coach of the Indian team he played for. Let’s see how many more titles and honors he will get. He has won many victories for the Indian team under his captaincy. Now let’s see how many victories he will win for his team as a coach.

He is always angry with the game. Now we have to see what kind of signals he will give to India. Let’s try to deal. Ever since he was appointed as the head coach, some of the other teams are also very happy. They said that he will provide a good captain for the team as a head coach with very good skill and also the former creator of Pakistan all rounder Shahid Afridi is also very good and with great experience and they love him. They said about him that he has given the victory but he has given a lot of importance with his style. Let’s see how far the team India will take us. Let’s hope that the head coach will win many victories in the World Cup.

Big challenges ahead for Gautam Gambhir in next 3 years!

★5 Tests with Australia this year

★World Taste Championship (WTC Final) in 2025

★Champions Trophy in 2025

★T20 World Cup in 2026

★WTC Final in 2027

★ODI World Cup in 2027

:>>>Gautam Gambhir will continue as the head coach of the Indian team for 3 years

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