Karnataka bus driver and conductor suspended for making reels while on duty.


Two staff members of North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC), a bus driver and a conductor, were suspended for making an Instagram reel while they were on duty. The state-run transport corporation said the suspension was for showing the department in a bad light by making the reel.

In a viral video, the bus driver, Hanumanthappa, is seen holding an Umbrella. He is under the impression that if it rains, everyone on the bus will be drenched. The video was reportedly shot by the conductor, Anita, who was on the same bus. The reel went viral on social media, and many users questioned passengers’ safety and NWKRTC buses’ fitness. A departmental inquiry has also been ordered against the two NWKRTC employees.

Speaking to news agency ANI, NWKRTC Managing Director Priyanga said, “ The NWKRTC, however, has suspended both the driver and conductor for showcasing the NWKRTC in a poor light and has set up a departmental inquiry against them.”

The MD further clarified that the inspection was done on the bus to check if the roof was really leaking. “Taking a serious note of the incident, the NWKRTC inspected the bus, and it was found that the roof of the bus was not leaking, and the driver and conductor had made the reel for entertainment,” he added further.

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