Legendary: Game of Heroes

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Legendary: Game of Heroes

N3TWORK Studios Inc.

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Reunite this team of legendary heroes

Legendary: Game Of Heroes is a puzzle RPG where you have to make a group out of the most powerful heroes in all of Korelis, a fantasy world filled with magic, orcs, paladins, elementals, dragons, and all kinds of mythical creatures.

The combat system in Legendary: Game Of Heroes is relatively original. The basic idea is the same as other match-3s of this kind: combine three or more jewels of the same color to inflict damage on your enemies. However, as soon as you move the first jewel, you’ll have only a few seconds to keep combining moves to create spectacular combos.

In Legendary: Game of Heroes, you can recruit more than 100 different heroes. As you might expect, as you win fights and gain experience, you can also level up each one of your characters, increasing life points and also attack power. Each hero is associated with a color, so learning how to combine the colors will give you an incredible advantage in the most challenging fights.

Legendary: Game of Heroes is a combination of puzzles and RPG that’s tons of fun, and it also has excellent graphics and a great soundtrack. Although you can play the story mode alone, you can also join a clan with other players.


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