Lovi for Android- Download APK

Rating: 5 out of 5.
VERSION 7.3.25

Make spectacular musical videos

Lovi is an app that lets you create musical videos from your photos, using any song you have stored on your device. The purpose is not to create a musical slideshow, but to give life to just one photo through music.

The first step to using Lovi is choosing the photo you are going to make your music video with. Once you have chosen, the next logical step is to choose the musical theme you want to mix with the image. After that, you can start the editing process, for which you have over a dozen different tools.

Among the edition tools, the ability to make the photograph move stands out. Just choose the type of movement you want and this will automatically follow the rhythm of the music. You can also add text, filters and even particle effects. Those particle effects mean the photo is constantly moving.

Lovi is a great video editing app, thanks to which you can turn any photo into an true audiovisual spectacle. You just need a song you like and a few minutes to put it together.


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