ShareMi – Fast Transfer Files

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ShareMi – Fast Transfer Files

ShareMi File Sharing and File Transfer Team

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ShareMi – Fast Transfer File & Fast Share File is a useful app that lets you send and receive all sorts of files without having to use your data plan or have an internet connection of any kind. All you need is to have two devices with this app installed and in a matter of seconds, you can transfer or receive anything from one device to the other.

To use ShareMi – Fast Transfer File & Fast Share File you just have to choose the option to send or receive files according to your needs. If you want to send a file, a menu will pop up where you can choose apps, photos, videos, music, documents, etc. You can browse through all your files and select the ones you want to send. Simple. On the other hand, if you want to receive something, you just have to wait for the other person to complete the sending process.

One of the great things about this tool is that you can transfer files by the batch. In other words, you can send a ton of files at once without having to choose and send each one individually or only send one type of file at a time. This means you can send music, photos, and PDF files all at once without wasting time filtering the files.

Another advantage of using ShareMi – Fast Transfer File & Fast Share File is that it shows you the transfer history and lets you easily access the files you’ve received. With just one tap, you can access anything that’s reached your device. The app doesn’t impose any limitations of any sort so you can transfer everything you need with the fastest app available on the market.


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