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TELANGANA : Police Arrested Barrelakka.Barrelakka Agitation At TGPSC

Unemployed protest near TGPSC office. Due to this, the tense situation continues there. In this order, Barrelakka, who came there to support the unemployed, started protesting. He demanded that the government should give job notifications immediately and should not neglect the unemployed. Barrelakka alias Karne Sirisha, who protested at the TGPSC office, was intercepted and detained by the police. Later she was arrested and taken to the station in a vehicle. However, while the police were forcing her into the vehicle, she said ‘CM Revanth Reddy should not neglect the unemployed’. He expressed his anger on the police that if he was fighting on behalf of the unemployed then why should he be arrested. The video related to this has now gone viral on social media.Meanwhile, the unemployed on Friday fought with several demands such as increase in the number of posts in groups, selection of candidates on the basis of 1:100 ratio for Group-1 mains, release of job calendar and cancellation of GEO 46. As part of this, the unemployed have called for a siege of the TGPSC office in Hyderabad. In this order, police are on guard in many areas in large numbers. The police are arresting the unemployed who have gathered in all the reading rooms, libraries and the surrounding areas of the metro railway stations in Hyderabad.

It is known that the Telangana Unemployment JAC has announced that it is organizing an ‘Unemployed March’ with 30 lakh people. However, the government tried to stop the unemployment march everywhere. Illegal arrests are being made to prevent youth from the districts from coming to the capital. Hundreds of people have already been illegally arrested and taken to stations. The police are checking the suspected areas. Picketing has been arranged around Hyderabad and the police are checking the vehicles coming from the districts. On the other hand, police were heavily deployed at the TGPSC office. In this order, Barrelakka, who came there to support the unemployed, became agitated. She was arrested by the police and taken away

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